Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A short delay...

My segments in the Hearthcast podcast will be delayed.  Apparently a bumper is being made for the segment, but won't be ready until the next show (Episode 92).  I have no idea what they have in store, so this will be a surprise even for me!  (prepares some damage reduction cool downs... ) however, I may still make my own intro/outro for these stand alone segment archives.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hoofit's Podcast Segments

Thanks for visiting! I'm new at this whole podcast/segment stuff so please Bear with me through this learning process.

My first few segments will cover some Tanking tips and general practices applicable to any tanking class and may cover some addons that enhance these basics.
Sure there's Dungeon and Raid guides out there, but if you want to become a tank you may not be sure about some of those things that most tanks take for granted.
I'll be posting segment clips here after they've been added to Hearthcast's Podcasts.

In addition, I decided to start this blog if anyone wishes to discuss things that can be elaborated on here if there are questions about what may have been said in the segments. I'll be trying to keep them very short and concise. If I inadvertently leave (or edit) out something important, You can poke fun at that here!

Stay tuned at for my segments in the show.
Soon.. You CAN have more cowbell!