Friday, March 30, 2012

Horderlies Dragon Soul Chronicling Complete

I've finally gotten all of the videos uploaded to YouTube.
The previous post was updated to include all of the individual video links.

Or you can go straight to the Raid playlist and watch the Hagara & Zan'ozz videos that were added.
Horderlies Dragon Soul Raid (YouTube playlist)

I know this is not cutting edge, but I do hope that this slightly different approach to a "Strat Video" will help people out there.  Sometimes seeing a video set to a funky beat isn't enough, so ours includes all the game sounds & voice chatter and how our group communicates to each other so that if you ARE a new raider you not only know what to look for, you know what to listen for, and maybe know what to call out to your team!

Enjoy.  Please like them.  if you have any feedback good or bad I'd love to hear it, but please be constructive and leave feedback I can work with.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

YouTube Spotlights with Horderlies!

More Cowbell lives on, just not in any regular scheduled releases it seems.

I have some goodies for anyone looking for some tips in raiding Dragon Soul (Normal 10 man).
These videos are on my YouTube channel, but here's the links specifically to them.

Zan'ozz (added later, original recording didn't come out well)
Haraga the Stormbinder (added later, original recording didn't come out well)
Warmaster Blackhorn
Spine of Deathwing
Madness of Deathwing

All of these videos are from a tanking viewpoint, however I've tried to include everything I can think of for the entire encounter for any role.  These are basic strategies and ones that we use in guild on a consistent basis.

I've left most of the Voice chatter so you can see how everyone communicates things to each other.  Some of the really long or repetitive fights are sped up though and do not have that audio, but it is only sped up after the explanations before it begins to repeat.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Horderlies Raiding Update

While I have not been making new audio segments, I have been experimenting around with video segments. I don't think I'll end up blogging about these or use them as a way to feed content into a topic though. If you're interested I've created a YouTube Channel with some test samples (nothing crazy or very original YET, just some clips of me using some addons, mostly figuring out the software for recording and editing).

I've been pushing our guild through normal mode, 10 man dragon soul and at this point we're on Madness of Deathwing. Our progression, though it is slow, is thwarted mostly by Real Life issues of our raid team. Because of our guild type, we're not ones to punish our members for such things. We will take sub ins if folks are available, but sometimes you get the perfect storm of everything that could be bad news all at once.

All that aside, we're finally looking like we're going to kill Deathwing very soon. On our current sporadic and inconsistent attempts, we've just about gotten to phase two of the fight. A large part of pushing through this will require us to attempt this fight with some kind of regularity. Currently we're just getting there too late in the evening, so we're considering extending a raid lockout to get that punch on Deathwing in with a fresh start at the beginning of the Raid Night.

Until very recently we only raided 1 night a week for a couple of hours. Several weeks ago we've decided to split up the raid night into 2 nights. This move, combined with the same members showing up for 5 weeks in a row, gave us some of the fastest and most raid progressive play we, as a guild, have ever seen.  We will clear Morchok through Ultraxion (or however far we can get in 1 hour) on one night, then the next night begin on the content that we're still not sure if we have on Farm status or not, end up on Deathwing and do a few attempts before going to bed.

But, yeah... To kill deathwing, we need to consider a lock out extension the same way we considered opening up a Pre-raid night to clear the easy stuff and save some time for progression night. Once we kill him I'm sure the fight will suddenly seem so much easier and we will end up clearing the entire raid in a night. 
When it happens, I'd like to record our Deathwing kill with the guild voice chatter included, I'm sure it will be a good time :)