Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Legendary... Fail

Now, I wouldn't subject my guildies to this if we all didn't have a sense of humor about it.
This is a special occasion, our guild's first legendary item completed, the Fangs of the Father daggers for Rogues.

We have been anticipating the completion date since the day we got Dragon Soul on farm knowing we'd get it done, give or take a week or so (attendance) in May or June. So when the day finally came, and our Rogue got his Legendary Daggers, the raid said "Hoof.. you got to capture him using the On Use ability for the first time" (The on use is like a mage's Light Fall or Priest's Levitate.. but with Dragon Wings!... but you probably already knew that).  So, I figured, Ok, a quick 15 second video that we can look back on later will be fine.
What we got was SO much more (and took SO much longer than 15 seconds).

This isn't your typical victory video though, this....  is just awesome.
I present to you, Killsforu, our Rogue (Who's main has been a mage for several years), who may have hit the drink a little earlier than he should have in celebration.


Congratulations Kills, and now we really do have something amazing to look back on and tease you for years to come!

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