Friday, March 30, 2012

Horderlies Dragon Soul Chronicling Complete

I've finally gotten all of the videos uploaded to YouTube.
The previous post was updated to include all of the individual video links.

Or you can go straight to the Raid playlist and watch the Hagara & Zan'ozz videos that were added.
Horderlies Dragon Soul Raid (YouTube playlist)

I know this is not cutting edge, but I do hope that this slightly different approach to a "Strat Video" will help people out there.  Sometimes seeing a video set to a funky beat isn't enough, so ours includes all the game sounds & voice chatter and how our group communicates to each other so that if you ARE a new raider you not only know what to look for, you know what to listen for, and maybe know what to call out to your team!

Enjoy.  Please like them.  if you have any feedback good or bad I'd love to hear it, but please be constructive and leave feedback I can work with.

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