Sunday, March 18, 2012

YouTube Spotlights with Horderlies!

More Cowbell lives on, just not in any regular scheduled releases it seems.

I have some goodies for anyone looking for some tips in raiding Dragon Soul (Normal 10 man).
These videos are on my YouTube channel, but here's the links specifically to them.

Zan'ozz (added later, original recording didn't come out well)
Haraga the Stormbinder (added later, original recording didn't come out well)
Warmaster Blackhorn
Spine of Deathwing
Madness of Deathwing

All of these videos are from a tanking viewpoint, however I've tried to include everything I can think of for the entire encounter for any role.  These are basic strategies and ones that we use in guild on a consistent basis.

I've left most of the Voice chatter so you can see how everyone communicates things to each other.  Some of the really long or repetitive fights are sped up though and do not have that audio, but it is only sped up after the explanations before it begins to repeat.

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